Simulation of Aspects of Future mHealth Scenarios (video presentation)
Posted by Trine Sorensen on 16 April 2013 17:13
The MovingLife project has produced a simulation video based on the vision scenario "There must be an App for that!". The simulation will allow for a much more insightful way to to validate the realism of the vision scenario and assess the central elements of the roadmaps. The elements that are dealt with in the simulation video include patient empowerment and inclusion, medical guidelines, connectivity and interferences, data protection and privacy, and interoperable healthcare systems.

The video can be accessed here. It will also be presented at MovingLife's Stakeholder Conference on 18 April 2013.
Extended News
Traditionally, simulation involves acting out a specific workflow scenario using real hospital equipment and surroundings, but using a mannequin in stead of patients. It has been used to train healthcare professionals in acute situations like heart failure scenarios. CSI is currently developing the simulation method to act as a platform for innovation bringing together companies, scientists and healthcare professionals in developing new processes, services and products.

The video can be accessed here.

The video was developed by project partner CSI.