Presentations from MovingLife's Stakeholder Conference are available now!
Posted by Trine Sorensen on 22 May 2013 11:12
The MovingLife Stakeholder Conference, "The Future of Mobile eHealth in Europe: A Stakeholder Conference on Roadmaps for mHealth", allowed relevant stakeholders to voice their perspectives on the future of mHealth. Ten experts were invited to give presentations on topics ranging from "mHealth and patient acceptance" to "mHealth and the Medical Device Framework". All presentations are now available for download in the download section.
Extended News
The programme included a total of ten external experts plus two representatives from the EC. Four project partners from MovingLife consortium also gave presentations. The main points from the presentations and the following discussions have been taken under consideration and integrated with the recommendations already defined in D4.3 Consolidated roadmap for mobile healthcare and consolidated into an Action Plan, which has been published in the conference report, D4.4 Stakeholder Conference. This conference report will be made available to the public pending official approval by the EC.

All presentations can be found in the download section.