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Join the consultation on roadmaps for the widespread use and broad acceptance of mHealth solutions

Please note: The consultation process is now closed. The results in form of the final roadmap and an action plan will be presented at an international stakeholder conference in Brussels 18 April 2013. If you are interested in participating in the conference you can either register as a member on the website or send an email to tfs@in-jet.dk.

Follow the tree simple steps here to contribute your ideas to the mHealth roadmap:

1. Download the relevant documents here2. Read the consultation document3. Click on the picture here to enter the survey. If you prefer you can also download the survey from our download section and email it to us
State-of-play Document
The DEADLINE for responding to the survey has now closed
Scenario Storyline
Consultation Document
We strongly encourage you to read the Consultation Document before you complete the survey.

The results from the consultation will be used to produce a consolidated roadmap together with an action plan.

All participants in the consultation process are invited to a stakeholder conference
where the results will be presented and discussed with important decision makers.

About the roadmaps

The MovingLife project has developed preliminary roadmaps for mHealth that address a broad group of fundamental issues such as: technology options for mHealth applications and services; options for new and improved medical guidelines; user empowerment, acceptance, ethics and privacy; socio-economic environments and policy and regulatory frameworks.

The project is committed to intensive stakeholder engagement and we therefore invite all relevant actors and stakeholders in mHealth to contribute to the definition of a realistic, relevant and clear roadmap for the future use of deployment of mHealth. Based on your expertise in the specific fields, we are now seeking your advice and comments to the requirements and challenges presented in the proposed roadmaps.

We call on all stakeholders to contribute to developing
a comprehensive, well-defined and realistic roadmap of mHealth solutions by completing the online survey.

The aim of this online consultation is to collect clear and decisive evidence on the most important needs and requirements that must be satisfied in order to facilitate the deployment of mHealth solutions with respect to:

Medical uptake of mHealth solutionsmHealth technologies and applicationsSocio-economic factors

Three preliminary roadmaps have been developed based on an analysis of the gap between the “As-Is” situation (the State-of-play document) today and the envisioned “To-Be” situation (the scenario storyline) outlined by the future scenario called “There must be an App for that!”. The three preliminary roadmaps are presented in the Project deliverable D4.1 Consultation Document.

Stakeholder Conference
The consolidated roadmap and the action plan will be presented and discussed at a stakeholder conference which will be held in Brussels on Thursday 18 April 2013. All stakeholders who participate in the survey are invited to participate in this important conference which will join researchers, policy makers, practitioners and developers together to discuss the future of mHealth deployment. To receive your invitation please register as a member (you find the registration form on the left).
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