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MovingLife is affilliated with these programs and organisations:

MovingLife is connected with better and more efficient healthcare services in Europe, thus supporting the Commissions activities in ICT for Health.

The MovingLife roadmaps will investigate inclusive applications with accessibility for all. The project supports the Commissions campaign: eInclusion-be part of it!

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MovingLife Stakeholder Conference 18 April 2013

The MovingLife Roadmap and Action Plan will be presented and discussed at the conference offering stakeholders an opportunity to voice their perspectives and opinions on the future deployment and widespread use of mHealth. The agenda can be downloaded here.

To attend to MovingLife’s Stakeholder Conference on 18 April 2013 in Brussels please register here.

Background Information
Mobile Healthcare (or mHealth) is a term that refers to the provision of medical services through the use of portable devices with the capability to create, store, retrieve, and transmit data via mobile communications. In technical terms, small devices are used to monitor patient-related data and actively communicate with a central information system. In buildings, communication takes place either over a mobile telephony or fixed line network coupled with Wi-Fi. In open spaces, communication takes place via terrestrial (GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G, WiMax) communication networks or low-orbit satellite communication.

In recent years, mHealth has emerged as an important sub-segment of the field of electronic health (eHealth). While there is no widely agreed-to definition for these fields, the public health community has coalesced around these working definitions (UNF2009):
i) eHealth: Using information and communication technology (ICT) – such as computers, mobile phones, and satellite communications—for health services and information.
ii) mHealth: Using mobile communications – such as smart phones, mobile phones or PDA—for health services and information.

Mobile eHealth for the Vindication of Global Lifestyle change and disease management solutions - MovingLife
The MovingLife project is a Coordination and Support Action that will deliver roadmaps for technological research, implementation practice and policy support with the aim of accelerating the establishment, acceptance and wide use of mobile eHealth solutions.

The roadmaps will address a broad group of fundamental issues such as: technology options for applications and services; options for new and improved medical guidelines; user empowerment, acceptance, ethics and privacy; socio-economic environments and policy and regulatory frameworks. The combined roadmaps will address a range of fundamental issues that are related to the vision of massive deployment and use of mHealth solutions to support lifestyle changes among citizens and improve disease management.

The project will thus provide better understanding of the technology options for defining research policies and of the business and regulatory aspects for both private sector-driven and publicly-funded mHealth services through the thematic roadmaps in socio-economic developments and policy frameworks.

The MovingLife project is committed to involve and interact with different stakeholders in order to gain from their unique knowledge and experiences. This way the project aims to ensure that future mobile health solutions developed on the basis of the roadmap will have broad support from stakeholders as well as global applicability.

Three Thematic Roadmaps
The MovingLife project has adopted a modified version of technology roadmapping methods in a holistic, policy-oriented approach. With a view to the holistic approach and the need to incorporate a range of policy areas in the roadmaps, the project first developed three thematic roadmaps and identified the different relationships between related areas.

The three thematic roadmaps aim at clustering related topics contained in the future vision of mHealth as follows:
1) Roadmap for technology and application research: addresses technology options for applications and services, wearable devices and BAN/PAN networks, seamless mobile communication and interoperability standards, need for dedicated radio frequency bands for continuous provision of care, security and privacy enhancing technologies, etc.
2) Roadmap for clinical and medical uptake: focuses on any need for update of clinical and medical guidelines; new care models, evolution of care spaces; methodology to deliver new knowledge to medical professionals and patients, risk management, patient-doctor relationships, joint and shared care, etc.
3) Roadmap for socio-economic and policy frameworks: identifies socio-economic and policy drivers and inhibitors for massive deployment of mHealth related to user acceptance, ethical issues, security, privacy and trust models, cross-border issues, business cases; reimbursement models, mapping of future mHealth applications to the regulatory framework of medical devices, etc.

The three roadmaps have been integrated into a single roadmap document, D4.3 Consolidated roadmap for mobile healthcare (mHealth). The possible implementation of the roadmaps will be published in an action plan identifying key actions, priorities for investments, investment strategies, risks, key indicators, required resources, contingencies and milestones of the roadmap.

It is this consolidated roadmap and the action plan that will be presented and discussed at the conference. The objective is to allow different stakeholders to voice their perspectives and opinions. All comments will be considered and used to refine the MovingLife Roadmap and Action Plan.

To attend MovingLife’s Stakeholder Conference on 18 April 2013 please register here.

Registration Policy
Due to limited places please note that we reserve the right to limit the number of people attending based on a first-come first-served basis. There is no fee for attending the conference.
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