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MovingLife is affilliated with these programs and organisations:

MovingLife is connected with better and more efficient healthcare services in Europe, thus supporting the Commissions activities in ICT for Health.

The MovingLife roadmaps will investigate inclusive applications with accessibility for all. The project supports the Commissions campaign: eInclusion-be part of it!

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The MovingLife project has planned a series of deliverables documenting the project results. Most of these deliverables are available to the public and can be downloaded from the web site using the menu to the left.

The following list contains deliverables planned up to and including M20 of the project. The project started 1 September 2011 so M1 equals September 2011.Public deliverables (PU) are not made available until after they have been approved at a project review by the EC.

Deliverable title Leading partner Delivery

D1.1 Project Initiation Document ATOS M1 R CO Completed
D1.2 Half year progress reports for the Commission ATOS M6+6 R CO Completed
D1.3 Periodic activity, management and financial reports ATOS M12+M18 R CO Completed
D1.4 Final project report on activity, management and financial outcome ATOS M20 R CO Completed
WD2.1 State of play in technologies and applications INN M5 R RE Completed
WD2.2 State of play in medical and clinical guidelines CSI M5 R RE Completed
WD2.3 State of play in socio-economic and policy framework VUB M5 R RE Completed
D2.1 Report on state of play and trends in mobile healthcare INN M7 R PU Download
D3.1 Vision scenario workshop INJET M5 O+R RE Completed
D3.2 Vision scenarios in mobile healthcare INJET M7 R PU Download
D4.1 Consultation document ATOS M9 R PU Download
D4.2 Wiki consultation ATOS M9 O+R PU Download
D4.3 Consolidated roadmap for mobile healthcare ATOS M12 R PU Download
D4.4 Stakeholder conference ATOS M20 O+R PU Download
D5.1 Selected Health Technology Assessments in mHealth CSI M16 R PU Download
D5.2 Simulation of aspects of future mHealth scenarios CSI M20 P+R PU Download
D6.1 Report on stakeholder engagement activities GSI M12 R PU Download
D6.2 Report on engagement with Policy-makers GSI M20 R PU Download
D6.3 Dissemination strategy and plan GSI M1 R PU Download
D6.4 Project website GSI M1 O+R PU Download

[1] Deliverable numbers in order of delivery dates: D1.1 – D6.4. WD signifies an internal Working Document

[2] Month in which the deliverables will be available. Month 0 marking the start of the project, all delivery dates relative to start date.

[3] The nature of the deliverable using one of the following codes: R = Report - O = Other

[4] The dissemination level using one of the following codes: PU = Public RE = Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission Services). CO = Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services).

  Partners involved
Atos INNOVA In-JeT ApS Global Security Intelligence Vrije Universiteit Brussel Center for Healthcare Innovation
The MovingLife project is a Support Action funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme Full profiles...
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